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i went to the mfa last night with my friends from class. i really wish i went there/into boston more. i love it there so much. but i think i’m actually going next week with my mom, which should be fun. :)

after i came back i slept for about 13 hours. which was pretty intense. and after classes today i finished up some homework and now i’m catching up on some tv shows, but the internet here sucks so it’s taking forever.

after how much sleep i got i shouldn’t be this tired, but i am. i think i’m getting a migraine, though, which doesn’t help.

i can’t believe spring break is so soon. and registration/advising. this semester is basically over. i can’t deal…

on the plus side that means summer and being tan and going to the beach and hopefully a new job and money and yay. summer things.

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i think my roommate has a mental condition or she’s was raised by a psycho. beacuse she clearly saw i was doing a project last night at my desk and when i went to change in the bathroom the turned the light off.

it would be one thing to ask me to do into the kitchen, but no. she just turned the light off. and then this morning she turned the light on when i was sleeping (after going to bed at 4:30 because i had to finish said project) to clean her side of the room.

like excuse me? bye. leave. switch rooms. i don’t have time for this. go be rude somewhere else.

on top of that one of my other roommates almost burned our apartment down with toast last night when i was in my other friends room working on my project. that’s cool. i heard the fire alarm go off from across the hall and almost had a heart attack. luckily the whole buildings didn’t go off.

now have to go to the MFA tonight. in the rain. and i don’t want to but it’s for class. then i have to work on a paper and i’m just coming back and sleeping tonight and my roommate better not wake me up or there will be a problem.

not to mention i need to make up my schedule for next semester, sign up for advising, do my ITC homework just pray i make it out of these next two weeks without having a heart attack. literally, heart palpitations have been a thing.

i just want to sit in bed and enjoy mindless tv shows but real life’s gotta be a bitch.

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p.s because i haven’t updated safarai, i still have the old tumblr posting system on this blog omg.

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I just need you to follow me for my class, no need to stalk posts that i made over a year ago… Whomp whomp.

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